Damnum Per Saeculorum

~my silent wake~ damnum per saeculorum album cover

My Silent Wake’s new acoustic/ambient/experimental album ‘Damnum Per Saeculorum’ is due for release on 31 July 2020 via Opa Loka Records on CD and digital formats.

‘Damnum Per Saeculorum’ is My Silent Wake’s 11th full-length album since forming in 2005 and is their fourth in the acoustic/ambient/experimental vein comprising 15 songs for 15 years. The self-produced album was recorded in the band’s home studios in various sessions around the UK in late 2019/early 2020 and was mixed by Simon Bibby (keyboards, vocals) with artwork by David MacLean (guitars, vocals).

The title translates to ‘Loss Throughout the Ages’ which describes the theme of the album, with styles ranging from acoustic medieval songs to futuristic soundscapes. The non-instrumental tracks feature numerous vocalists and vocal styles from band members as well as lyrical contributions, vocal and instrumental performances from members of their close friends and family.

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1. An Affectionate Remembrance
2. Warhawks
3. Diadem (The Rise and Fall of a King)
4. Bacchanal
5. Arfryn
6. All Our Fears Are Over
7. Fertile Ground Pt.1
8. Of Loss and Regret
9. Fall in the Sea
10. To Feel the Caress of Long-Dead Lovers
11. Triple Life
12. The Rhyme of Winters’ Children
13. Monochrome
14. The Mourning Earth
15. Berceuse

Release date: 31 July 2020
Available Formats: CD, Digital
Release Label: Opa Loka Records (http://www.opa-loka-records.com)


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  • Greek Rebels (8/10)
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  • World of Metal (9/10)
  • Hellfire-Magazin (8/10)
  • Zware Metalen.com (85/100)
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  • Sleeping Village
  • Metal Utopia (8/10)
  • Metalhead (9/10)
  • Sentinel Daily
  • N.P. Ryan
  • Powerplay Magazine (10/10) “…this album stands alone; atmospheric beyond measure and truly special.”
  • Zero Tolerance Magazine (4/6)
  • HammerWorld Magazin (9/10)


An Affectionate Remembrance – Filmed & Directed by Noah Griffiths
Monochrome – Filmed & Directed by David MacLean
Warhawks – Filmed & Directed by David MacLean, Jo MacLean & Sarah Hendy