My Silent Wake was formed from the dying embers of Ashen Mortality in May 2005 by Ian Arkley (Seventh Angel, Ashen Mortality, Century Sleeper, Paramaecium, The Other Window, Attrition). He was joined by ex-members of Ashen Mortality, Andi Lee and Jasen Whyte (Bloodwork), and also Alan Southorn (The Other Window) Kate Hamilton joined just prior to the recording of the debut album. Steve Allan joined on drums in 2007. Steve also did the sound engineering on all early MSW recordings.

In June 2005 the first recording took place at Kewsound in North Somerset. The 2 song EP which comprises over 16 mins of music was recorded in just 10 hours. One of the songs from the EP ‘Encircle’ appeared on the cover CD of the Nov/ Dec edition of Zero Tolerance magazine.

In 2005 My Silent Wake recorded their debut full length album (again at Kewsound). The album was recorded in just 4 and a half days.

After work on ‘Shadow of Sorrow’ was complete, drummer Jasen Whyte began to suffer from a painful wrist injury which meant that playing live was not an option. The band decided to use the time to write and record the follow up album. During early 2006 My Silent Wake began working on an ambitious double album project. The resulting album ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’ was released in 2007. That year My Silent Wake played many gigs in Switzerland, Norway and the UK and filmed two promo videos for a future DVD release with director Andrew Spencer.

The follow-up ‘A Garland of Tears’ was recorded in a few days at the start of March ’08 with Artwork by Matt Vickerstaff. The album gained favourable reviews including a KKKK review in Kerrang! magazine.

In 2010 MSW released a split album with The Drowning the album ‘IV Et Lux Perpetua’ was released on Dark Balance. MSW toured Europe at the end of the year with Norway’s In Vain. Tank (Seventh Angel) joined on drums and Steve, Jasen and Andi left the band.

In 2011 a live and rare album was released in June on Dark Meadow. The band played some gigs including Doom Over London II with Mike Hitchen (The Drowning) on rhythm guitar (a regular fill in for Andi from 2007 onwards). Jasen guested at the gig in London.

During the next couple of years, some new acoustic songs were slowly taking shape in the studio. Jasen, Tank and Steve provided percussion for these recordings. New contributers Marc Ellison and Andy Stamp were also involved on acoustic guitar and violin. A new track appeared on Dark Meadow’s Christmas compilation and an acoustic compilation limited to 100 copies was released. MSW also played at Immortal Sphere fest in Switzerland. A new video to ‘Journey’s End’ was also posted on YouTube.

In 2013, 2007’s ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’ was re-released on Bombworks Records and the doom album ‘Silver Under Midnight’ was released in June on the same label. This album features contributions from Martin Bowes of Attrition and Greg Chandler of Esoteric.

Mark Henry played drums in the summer 2012, but left the band the following year. MSW were also joined by Addam Westlake (Striga) on bass. For a while Rich Alden joined on 2nd guitar, being replaced when Mike Hitchen from The Drowning rejoined. Kate took a break from the band but returned around the time of recording ‘Eye of the Needle’, the band’s ambient project. Shortly after this she left the band. A split album with Pylon was released as well as the acoustic album which had been recorded over a couple of years; ‘Preservation Restoration Reconstruction’ came out on vinyl through a Kickstarter project and CD.

Gareth Arlett (Amputated) joined on drums and the new album ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ was recorded at The Priory with Greg Chandler who also guested along with Martin Bowes. The album was released in June 2015 on House of Ashes. ‘Eye of the Needle’ was recently finally released on CD on Stone Groove, having only been a download album until this point. Music from this and other MSW releases were used on the soundtrack to the film ‘Doomsday’ by Neil Johnson. Recent MSW vinyl releases include ‘And Everlasting Light’ on Fragile Branch/House of Ashes and ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ which was a Pledge Music project. ‘Damnatio…’ was promoted by Imperative PR and many favourable reviews were gathered including 4Ks in Kerrang!

Simon Bibby (Seventh Angel) joined the band on keyboards. Regular gigs followed, including another show at Doom Over London, various festivals and a support slot to Draconian, and a compilation to mark ten years of the band was released early 2016.

MSW has recorded the ambient / experimental album ‘Invitation to Imperfection’ in 2017 and began the year with a tour with A Sickness Unto Death.

Following the recording of ‘There Was Death’ in 2018, guitarist David MacLean (Irony of Christ) joined to replace Mike Hitchin as live guitarist and after a handful of gigs became a full-time member of the band.

In 2019 MSW were invited to record a cover song of their choice for Officium Triste’s 15th anniversary cover album ‘Born to Lose / Doomed to Die’ (choosing the song ‘To the Gallows’) and also began working on two new albums; a self-produced acoustic/ambient/experimental collection entitled ‘Damnum Per Saeculorum’ in July 2020 – and the next as yet untitled heavy death/doom album which is planned for late 2021.