Eye Of The Needle – Now on CD

Finally you can get Eye Of The Needle on CD.

Formerly a Digital release only, our label at Stone Groove Records have now brought this out as a CD release.

Get it now…

My Silent Wake Bandcamp (UK)
My Silent Wake Bandcamp (USA)


Those already familiar with My Silent Wake must prepare to hear one of the greatest chapters in their musical history. Others who are unfamiliar should not miss the opportunity to hear this beautifully dark masterpiece. Reverend Leviathan – Darkest Goth Magazine

Hypnotises with insistent strokes; a hymn to hushed, barely contained malevolence masquerading as sweet lullaby.
You could try sleeping to this but expect some fucked-up nightmares! 8/10
Chris Jennings – Worship Metal

This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while; it’s full of interesting details, sonorous layers and strange words. it’s sometimes heavy, most times light but it’s ready to take you on a slightly strange and disturbing journey…won’t you join me ?
Funereal Drone

Not senseless noise, but a subtle well-presented soundtrack, which sounds on and off very epic-nordic. Plenty of room therefore for warrior fantasies of the Celts, Vikings and Norsemen Saga fans.
Metal Underground